House Sharing

Sharing can be everything, or it can just as easily be hell on earth.

Unfortunately for some, you basically cannot live in London without house-sharing in some way or another. Adult sharing with full-time jobs, different monetary situations and varying backgrounds can be hard going. So here is a cheeky list of rules to live by, that may stop fellow housemates wanting to dangle you out of the window by your ankles.

  • Perhaps the most important– Noise levels. People often do not function well without any sleep. Period. So let’s get this one out of the way first. Don’t make noise after 12pm and before 6am on a work night. People gotta sleep, people gotta work and in the adult world, working is more important than your all night GOTT sesh, or your post-jagerbomb happiness. #SorryNotSorry
  • Or more accurately, cleaning up your food. Dirty dishes for a day or two, fine. Leaving leftovers in the communal space for tomorrow, acceptable. Leaving uneaten, mouldy, scraps of food all over the floor or spillages all over the counter? Categorically not okay. In London you are never more than 6ft. away from any given rodent. The question you must ask yourself here is thus, do you really want these in your house/cupboard/bed?
  • Using or eating things that do not belong to you. This does what it says on the tin, really. If you do NEED to use anything, probably just ask first.
  • Pay your bills buddy. Pay them or we may be forced to debt-collect all over your ass. We’re trying to eat too. (Or drink, whatever.)
  • Alone-time. Unlike university, it is okay for a housemate to spend a night or two shut away from the world. Don’t take it personally, they’ve probably had the worst day at work and just want to sleep it off. I would definitely just offer some tea… or maybe vodka.
  • If washing is still wet and hanging on the dryer you want to use? Tough. People can’t go to work in clothes that smell damp.
  • Finally, respect your housemate’s pay-check. Just because they’re rich, does not mean they are buying every round at the pub. Likewise, if they’re poor, they won’t want to buy a ‘communal flat screened television’ to replace the fully-functioning, older generation, existing one, just because you don’t like the size of it. I don’t care if it’s more expansive than the size of the living-room itself, if it works, it doesn’t need replacing. (We’ll just sit in the very corner of the room!)

If there is anything drastic missing from this list, please let us know. We could be saving people here!

Equally, share your stories with us in the comments below or by tweeting @covertlondoner – #HouseRules


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