About Me

My life is chaos. I have mice, I drink too much, the man downstairs snores too loudly, except it’s actually a woman. Awkward. I’m lactose intolerant but ice-cream is my favourite food. I have an English degree but I can’t spell or use a semi-colon. I sleep walk and the gym is my idea of hell on earth. More on all that later.

Parents live away. Boyfriend lives away. University is, well, very far away. This is my first year in the big city and I am completely befuddled by this charming place. I need to learn the ways, the skills and the knowledge, to become the aspired “Londoner”. I will boldly go where no-one [surely everyone?] has been before and report back my findings, dear friends, for those of you who just like me, are not in any of the loops.


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